FotoBloom™ Sachet

Handmade Cyanotype Sachet 

We found this amazing leaf at the Farmette one fall. Some critter had a feast, obviously. Did it know that it was creating a work of art? The lace-like decoupage trapped a beautiful butterfly flying around…

This gorgeous cyanotype print on textile is a one–of-a-kind lavender sachet made in our studio. It is filled with organically grown lavender buds from our Farmette and is sewn “envelope” style so it can be refilled through the years. Definitely too beautiful to hide in a closet, show it off and enjoy the pungent scent of French lavender.

Size: Approximately 7" x 7"
Back: Vintage French linen; mother-of-pearl button
Inside: three cups of French dried lavender buds grown on our farm following organic methods.
SKU: FO205 #4

About the cyanotype photographic process:
The cyanotype was introduced by Sir John Hershel in 1842 and made popular by the first woman photographer, Anna Atkins.
The cyanotype solution is a UV light-sensitized contact printing process. A solution of iron compounds is used to record images on whatever the mixture is painted onto. Plant material, objects or negative are arranged on a sensitized base. The prints are exposed to the sun for a length of time, then immersed into a water bath for development, and finally washed under running water. The process yields a beautiful cyan-blue image. If the solution is applied to a yellow fabric the resulting image will be yellow on a green background. Each image contact printed with plant material is one-of-a-kind, making the FotoBloom™ cyanotype sachet an heirloom to treasure for years to come. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Care: This is a photograph, not a dye. Although the print is permanent, the blue will change to yellow if exposed to phosphates, soda, borax, chlorine or peroxide. We recommend non-phosphate Woolite or simply cold water should you need to wash your FotoBloom™ cyanotype sachet. Hand wash only. Line dry and press with a dry iron (no steam) on the wrong side. Lavender refills are available from our website.

*Each print is slightly different due to the contact printing process used.

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