FotoBloom™ Cyanotype Cushion, “ Mimosa”

Mimosa (acacia) starts growing in February where I come from. Bright, yellow blooms with a heavenly, sweet fragrance announce that spring in on the way. I wish I could bottle that scent but I can’t, so I capture its soul in a different way...

Print: Cyanotype on cotton

Cushion size: 5.5-inch x 5.5-inch

Back: Vintage French linen; envelop style closure

Inside: in a muslin insert, a generous 1.5 cup dried lavender 'Grosso' grown on my farm following organic methods.

* Each print is slightly different due to the contact printing process used. After you've ordered a cushion, an email with a photograph of the available print will be sent to you. Please confirm that you love it and your order will be mailed.


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