About the Lavender Farmette

The Lavender Farmette is a family owned and operated urban micro-farm located just outside of Emmaus, Pennsylvania. We specialize in growing lavender and hand-crafting lavender products. In the last few years, we have expanded into a wider range of aromatic plants and local flowers. Our project began ten years ago, as an effort to save a beautiful piece of abandoned historical farmland in the Lehigh Valley area.


The farmstead has a unique charm with a stone farmhouse dating back to 1794. It still includes the original cold storage, root cellar and smokehouse; a large bank barn, which for a time housed a dairy farm, and a small plot of land on a gently sloping plain. These buildings are monuments to the region’s rich history, an area losing much of it to development.  We sought ideas to create a sustainable business that would maintain the integrity and the cultural heritage of the land while providing an income to preserve the farm’s character.


In looking to protect the past, we looked to our own past for inspiration.  With a family history in both organic and sustainable agriculture, our French heritage and a passion for lavender, we knew what our first crop would be.  Our plants are grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides following organic methods so you can feel good about bringing any of our lavender products into your home.  We hand-harvest lavender at peak time based on its future uses (bouquets, dried buds or distillation). The flowers are dried in our barn then stored in a cool and dark area to ensure optimal preservation, and long lasting color and fragrance.


Over the years, we’ve added other aromatic plants to extend our range of scents. We steam-distill our own essential oils and hydrosols which we use as the basis for the handcrafted products we create at the Farmette. The items we sell are made to order, in small batches; this means that you always get the freshest goods possible.  


In the spring of 2016, we added fresh-cut, organically grown flowers, with a focus on seasonal blooms for our local customers. Most of the flowers bought at stores have traveled thousands of miles and went through many harmful chemical treatments before making their way into our homes. Our blooms are truly sustainable, enhance our local economy, and support the growing movement of small family farms. Fresh bouquets and dried arrangements are available through our website.

The Lavender Farmette was featured in the June/July 2013 edition of Organic Gardening magazine.


Meet the team:

Florence is a French transplant, self-taught, fine art photographer with a specialization in historical photographic processes. Photography is an art form that allows her to explore and express her emotions, and her unconditional love for the natural world. She served on the board of the American Horticultural Society and spent ten years at the Rodale Institute as a creative and executive director where she worked on creating children’s programs, specifically in organic agriculture and health education.

Marlow is a fine art painter and has been working as a landscaper and on organic farms most of his life.  He draws inspiration from the natural world and finds purpose and happiness in working with, and preserving, nature.

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