Fotobloom™ Sachet

This lovely "lily of the valley" cyanotype print on textile is a one–of-a-kind lavender sachet handmade in our studio. It is filled with organically grown lavender buds from our Farmette. Definitely too beautiful to hide in a closet, show it off and enjoy the pungent scent of French lavender.

Size: Approximately 5" x 5"
Front: cyanotype print on cotton. Back: Vintage French linen, hand closure.
Inside: one and three quarter cups of French dried lavender buds grown on our farm following organic methods.
SKU: FO14lily 

About the cyanotype photographic process:
The cyanotype was introduced by Sir John Hershel in 1842 and made popular by the first woman photographer, Anna Atkins.
The cyanotype solution is a UV light-sensitized contact printing process. A solution of iron compounds is used to record images on whatever the mixture is painted onto. Plant material, objects or negative are arranged on a sensitized base. The prints are exposed to the sun for a length of time, then immersed into a water bath for development, and finally washed under running water. The process yields a beautiful cyan-blue image. If the solution is applied to a yellow fabric the resulting image will be yellow on a green background. Each image contact printed with plant material is one-of-a-kind, making the FotoBloom™ cyanotype sachet an heirloom to treasure for years to come. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Care: This is a photograph, not a dye. Although the print is permanent, the blue will change to yellow if exposed to phosphates, soda, borax, chlorine or peroxide. We recommend non-phosphate Woolite or simply cold water should you need to wash your FotoBloom™ cyanotype sachet. Hand wash only. Line dry and press with a dry iron (no steam) on the wrong side. Lavender refills are available from our website.

*Each print is slightly different due to the contact printing process used.


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