Lavender Use

November 07, 2016


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Choose Your Essential Oils Wisely

To find out if an essential oil has been "cut" with oils, place a few drops on a piece of paper or cotton fabric. If the stain disappears as it dries, you know you bought the real thing. If a greasy stain remains, the essential oil was altered. You'll be surprised by what is out there! Read the ingredient list, essential oils should be labeled “pure or 100% pure essential oil”, and know that quality oils are not cheap. 

Lavender Fire Starter Bundles



Lavender plants are very generous. Each part of the plant has a use; each part contains volatile oil that can be captured in many different ways for our enjoyment.

Once the lavender buds have been removed, we are left with stems that have many use around the house. Whether you are starting a fire in a fireplace or a woodstove with a bundle, throwing it on the embers to scent a room or placing a few twigs on barbecue coals to infuse meat or fish with a delicious flavor, you’ll find that the aroma of lavender stems grows on you.

In store: lavender bundles

Lavender Kebab

Lavender stems for the barbecue

A note of caution: Look for lavender grown following organic methods. Do not ingest lavender that came from a garden center, florist, nursery or craft store that could have been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides.